Education professionals and trade unions in Europe: Horizon 2025

About the project

  • Seminar: November 22-23 2018, Lisbon
  • Agenda of the seminar: EN /
  • Video sum-up clips: Short version / Long version – CESI Youtube Channel
  • Manifesto for the teaching profession: EN/FR/DE/ES/IT

The education and vocational training sectors play a crucial role in overcoming the EU member states’ current challenges, including unemployment, job creation and the improvement of social cohesion. Indeed, the education sector is not only expected to transmit knowledge and skills, but also fundamental values such as social, civic and intercultural core values. Despite its important role, the education sector has suffered from budget cuts as a result of the crisis. This means that today, jobs in education are less secure and fewer investments are made than before. In this context, this project focused on teachers at all levels and on the promotion of their profession.