Health Services Expert Commission

The Health Trade Council represents doctors and nursing staff from all over Europe. The exchange of best practices and development of positions on working conditions in the health sector are at the focus of its work.

The health sector plays a key role in ensuring decent living conditions for all European citizens. In times of demographic change, the health sector is more and more important. Despite this, the economic crisis has been felt harshly in many European member states when it comes to quality and availability of health care services. In many countries, hospitals are being closed or privatised with health insurers cutting back on service provision. Eastern European member states are suffering from a brain drain of young qualified medical staff who are leaving due to worsening working conditions.

CESI is working to strengthen the health sector in Europe and to ensure that high-quality, sustainable health care is guaranteed for Europe’s citizens. These goals can only be achieved by investing in people and by offering incentives to people to pursue a career in the health sector.

In 2021, the expert commission focuses its work on:

  • More investment in health systems (crisis resilience, staff-patient ratio)
  • Improved OSH and protective equipment for health care personnel
  • Fostering affordable and high quality care facilities
  • Greater support for & investment in caring professions (non-material & financial recognition; quality standards & mutual recognition for skills & training)
  • European health union: Better crisis preparedness, management and resilience (incl. EU framework for production and stockpiling of medicines and medical material and equipment, a reinforced role for the EMA and the ECED, pharmaceutical strategy and the EU beating cancer plan)

Portfolio of the expert commission

General Secretariat staff in charge of the expert commission

Raluca Radescu

Raluca Radescu

Policy Adviser, CESI General Secretariat