Education, Training and Research Expert Commission

The Education, Training and Research Expert Commission gathers delegates from education trade unions and represents workers ranging from primary schools to universities and adult education.

The meetings offer the opportunity for members to share best national practices and discuss possible improvements in the education sphere.

The education sector employs 11% of European workers, workers who are a key element of society’s development. The role of teachers, trainers and researchers has rapidly evolved over the years, while education budgets have tended to be reduced. CESI supports high-level initial training for teachers and the possibility to pursue life-long learning (including through mobility). Recognising the role and competences of teachers is crucial to ensuring high quality teaching in Europe.

Education and training not only sustains economic development but also contributes to building a culturally open society through active and engaged citizens. CESI rejects a narrow-minded, purely utilitarian view of education.

In 2021, the expert commission will focus in particular on:

• European Education Area: More investment in education systems (including through the Corona Recovery Plan) and greater recognition of the teaching profession
• The EU’s Digital Education Action Plan; digital equipment in education systems
• Introduction of a European Child Guarantee (EU legal right to affordable and high-quality childcare)
• Launch of an intergenerational alliance for learning, skills and employment
• Work topics of the European social dialogue on education

CESI voices the need for improved working conditions and an open education system through engagement in the European Education social dialogue committee.

Portfolio of the expert commission

General Secretariat staff in charge of the expert commission

Marcella Migliori

Marcella Migliori

Policy Adviser, CESI General Secretariat