Defence Expert Commission

The Defence expert commission gathers organisations from the defence sector, military and civilians, in Europe to discuss the working and living conditions of soldiers and civilians in Europe and in third countries.

Global challenges and modern warfare demand concerted action through a European Defence Strategy. The working and living conditions of European soldiers has undergone significant changes. The move towards an army of professionals means special attention needs to be paid to the social problems facing defence staff in all EU countries. Working conditions of the sector have to be improved targeting especially psychological restraints imposed, such as post-traumatic-stress-syndrome.

CESI strives to establish full trade union rights for workers in the defence sector with the improvement of working conditions remaining a constant goal for the expert commission.

In 2021, the expert commission will focus on:

• More equal employment and working conditions of military personnel before, during and after joint operations (‘social dimension’ of PESCO)
• Establishing a personnel-friendly European Defence Union
• Defence of adequate health and safety standards of military personnel in regular operations

The portfolio of the expert commission can be accessed here (DE).

General Secretariat staff in charge of the expert commission

Raluca Radescu

Raluca Radescu

Policy Adviser, CESI General Secretariat