‘Seize’ the European Pillar of Social Rights! | Editorial of the Secretary-General Klaus Heeger

Dear members, friends and partners of CESI,

According to the latest Eurobarometer on Social Issues released some days ago, EU social policy is important to 88% of the citizens in Europe. Over seven in ten Europeans consider that a lack of social rights is a serious problem. Large majorities of the people believe that there should be more decision-making at European level in areas such as decent work or social protection.

At the same time, less than three in ten Europeans appear to have heard about the European Pillar of Social Rights – in the Brussels bubble referred to as a landmark project of the EU.

These figures confirm the impression that we as CESI have been having for some time already: EU social policy is a high priority for workers, for our members, for us. We believe, they believe that the EU should deliver more. At the same time, many of our affiliates are still too unaware of achievements of EU social policy and of commitments of the EU institutions to hear the concerns and deliver on the problems that trade union and workers face.

We agree that many central employment and social policy issues indeed remain to be addressed and solved by mainly national, but also by EU decision-makers, considering tangible positive results that EU social policy has already made for workers. And we also recognise that there is often a clear communication problem that prevents a more positive public picture and appreciation of the EU in social affairs. Many achievements and initiatives of the EU do not receive the public appreciation and support that they deserve.

CESI is the voice of more than five million employees and public servants across Europe. We see it as an obligation to reinforce links between policy makers on the one side and workers on the other. We take the promotion and strengthening of dialogue between citizens and decision-takers very seriously. To explain social Europe enormous challenges, yet also achievements in simple and clear terms.

In this context, we call on you today to join with us in our efforts to help trade unions, social partners, governments and authorities across Europe implement the European Pillar of Social Rights. The European Commission has put a proposal on the table this week on how this could be achieved, and we are determined to seize this matter together with our members.

We look forward to working with you on this.

The next occasion will be an online [email protected] on March 12 where we will exchange on the matter with all interested members and affiliates. We encourage you to register numerous!