After the Congress in December: CESI Presidium constitutes CESI’s work structures for 2021-2024

Following the Congress in December last year, CESI’s Presidium met today to constitute CESI’s horizontal commissions and sectoral expert commissions – the members’ committees that advise and inform CESI’s European-level advocacy work. After a meeting of CESI’s Programme Commission yesterday on possible work priorities for 2021, CESI is now ready to further pursue and implement its annual activity programme for the year ahead.

The Presidium set up the following commissions and expert commissions to help guide CESI’s horizontal and sectoral advocacy work until the next Congress in 2024:

The Presidium established that CESI will also continue to concentrate on challenges in the security and justice sectors. CESI will, as before, also prioritise transportation policy matters where they concern the working conditions of employees in the sector.

The Presidium also reviewed the work topics for 2021 that CESI’s Programme Commission had debated on yesterday, thus paving the way for CESI to proceed with the execution of its planned activities during this year.

CESI Secretary General Klaus Heeger said: “I am enthusiastic to delve into our advocacy work together with our members in what will be a year of key importance for workers and employees across Europe: While the Corona pandemic is still upon us, it will be imperative to ensure on all fronts that the post-crisis recovery will not only be green and digital but also socially inclusive and focus on decent work and high quality jobs. CESI as the voice of independent trade unions in Europe as a central role to play in this. All workers count.”