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Matthäus Fandrejewski presents a young trade unionist’s perspective on migration management to the European Parliament AFET and DEVE Committees

On Tuesday, October 11, CESI Youth Representative Matthäus Fandrejewski was invited to present a young trade unionist's perspective on migration management to the European Parliament Committees on Development and Foreign Affairs.

Bratislava summit and State of the union recap: Action needs to follow from words

Last week, European Commission President Juncker delivered his latest State of the Union speech in the European Parliament, and two days later the EU-27’s heads of state and government adopted a so-called ‘Bratislava declaration and roadmap’ on... Read more

[email protected]: Social partner mentoring schemes as a tool for labour market integration of refugees

On Tuesday, CESI in collaboration with UNITEE, the New European Business Confederation, held another edition of its lunchtime panel debate series ‘[email protected]’. This time, the event took place on the topic of ‘Labour market integration of refugees:... Read more

Upcoming on June 14: [email protected] event on ‘Labour market integration of refugees’

June 14 will see the next edition of CESI's event series '[email protected]' with a lunchtime panel debate on 'Labour market integration of refugees: The role of entrepreneurs and trade unions'. Registration is now open.

CESI Youth speaks up for social & labour market integration of refugees at the EYE in Strasbourg

At this year's European Youth Event (EYE) in the European Parliament in Strasbourg on May 20/21, the CESI Youth - CESI's platform for and of young affiliates - was prominently present with a group 26 affiliates. The delegation ran a successful... Read more