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CESI Youth holds first Congress in Rome

Following a three-year establishment phase by mandate from the Presidium of CESI, on November 30 CESI Youth held its first Congress in Rome. Matthäus Fandrejewski from CESI's German member organisation dbb was elected as the CESI Youth Representative... Read more

Ankara attacks: CESI stands by its affiliate Bem Bir Sen

11 Oct 2015, keywords : ,
Following yesterday's twin bombings in Ankara, CESI expresses its condolences to the Turkish citizens and stands by its Turkish affiliate, trade union Bem Bir Sen.

CESI’s member organisation BEM-BİR-SEN represents Turkish workers at Trade Councils

31 Mar 2015, keywords : ,
CESI's Turkish member organisation BEM-BİR-SEN, represented by its Secretary General Levent Uslu, attended for the first time a meeting of the Trade Councils Justice and Security in Luxembourg (26+27 March 2015).