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Alliance PN meeting with President Hollande on the working conditions of security forces

The recent attack against French police officers in the department of Essonne highlights the mounting pressure and the increasing violence that the French law enforcement forces are exposed to. CESI Secretary General Klaus Heeger firmly condemns these... Read more

CESI Trade council ‘Security’ deliberates on needs of workers in the security sector

On Wednesday this week, CESI’s Trade council ‘Security’ convened for its annual meeting in Brussels. The Trade council, CESI’s main members’ forum to discuss challenges in EU internal security policy, deliberated on several challenges related... Read more

[email protected]: Radicalisation must be prevented through improved social inclusion at all levels, experts say

Today, CESI hosted another edition of its lunchtime event series '[email protected]'. This time experts discussed with the audience about how public services in Europe may be enabled to better prevent and counter radicalisation among the citizenry -... Read more