Presidium sets the stage for Congress in December

CESI's Presidium met today in Brussels to finalise preparations for the Congress on December 2.

Presidium sets the stage for Congress in December

The Presidium adopted the agenda of the Congress, clarified voting rules and discussed draft motions to be tabled. The purpose of motions, to be adopted at the Congress, is to provide guidance for the work of the General Secretariat until the next Congress.

Three topical main motions were discussed:

  • A first motion on ‘The future of Europe – Investing in people’ will lay out CESI’s position on the impacts of ongoing and increasing digitalisation on the different forms of employment and on the working conditions of employees. The motion will also outline CESI’s view on how to address possible negative consequences of digitalisation on the work of trade unions, trade union membership and collective bargaining;
  • A second motion on ‘Public services: Delivering results’ will make a case for well-equipped and well-resourced public administrations as a tool to provide public services in sufficient quantity and quality. The motion will argue that this is vital in order to manage key societal challenges of the future such as achieving a higher degree of social justice and effective internal security; and
  • A third motion on ‘Digitalisation: Finding the balance will set out CESI’s vision of how important European challenges can be addressed, in particular in the field of employment and social affairs. Aspects that the motion will follow-up on include minimum social standards, gender equality, minimum wages, education and training, health, and the integration of migrants and the less advantaged.

The Presidium also endorsed further draft motions on specific changes to the Constitution and the governance of CESI as well as sector-specific draft motions submitted by CESI’s Trade Councils and Commissions. According to CESI’s statutes, the Presidium can table own draft motions to the Congress directly. Draft motions of Trade Councils and Commissions must be approved by the Presidium.

Picture: Sample Presidium picture. © CESI 2016