Public service strike in Hungary on February 15-19 2018 organized by MKKSZ

Hungarian member organisation MKKSZ (Trade Union of Hungarian Civil Servants and Public Employees) has led a series of protests, such as a recent 2 hours strike at the local government offices across the country. After the latest consecutive failures of negotiations with the government, MKKSZ will launch a new industrial action from 15-19 February 2018 in the Hungarian public services.

MKKS deplores the unfair and unjustified division amongst government officials by the Hungarian government which has “created an unacceptable situation in the public service as a whole and which has led to strong public criticism.

President Erszebet Boros strongly condemned the fact that over 200 thousand public employees have seen no pay raise during the last 10 years, causing a considerable loss of the purchasing value of wages, and creating in-work poverty amongst the people in this sector.

MKKSZ has called upon the public and other Hungarian trade union confederation members to show their solidarity. The strike aims at finger-pointing the unfairness of the government´s policies leading to inequality amongst civil servants.

MKKSZ asks for solidarity from other CESI’s members trade unions to have a stronger impact on the Hungarian Government.

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