News from the CESI´s Spanish member organisation: Protest of civil servants working in the penitentiary system

Since May 29, ten CSIF representatives have locked themselves in the General Secretariat of Penitentiary Institutions headquarters to bring attention to their cause on fair working conditions.

The CSIF representatives´ aim is to bring more attention to their claim for better working conditions of prison staff. CSIF opted for that form of protest after negotiations with prisons´ managements had ended without any agreement. No proposal from the employers´ side was submitted.

After months of mobilizations throughout Spain, CSIF brought its claims to the management of penitentiary institutions demanding immediate solutions to unblock the current situation and to achieve wage equalization with Catalonia – as has happened before with the National Police and Guardia Civil. CSIF’s demands also aim at the establishment of a working group including prison officers so to promote union unity.

The negotiations held the day before concerned salary improvements and public employment offers. According to CSIF, prisons suffer from a staff deficit of 3,000 employees.

The salary differences between Catalonia and the rest of Spain range from a minimum of 1,600 euros (generic office clerk) to 25,000 euros, depending on the position. In order to ensure fair employment conditions to everyone, the Spain would need to increase its thereto dedicated budget by 168 million euros.

More information and the report about salary discrimination in Spain are available here.

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