First meeting after the Congress: Presidium sets up CESI’s working structures for the new legislative period

Today, CESI’s new Presidium, elected at the last Congress in December 2016, met for the first time to re-constitute CESI’s working structures for the legislative period until 2020. The Presidium also discussed on current political affairs, most notably the White Paper on the future of the EU recently issued by the European Commission.

The Presidium decided that the following Trade Councils and Commissions, made up of representatives from interested member organisations, will be CESI’s internal sectoral fora for policy deliberations and exchange of views during the next four years:

• Commission ‘Employment and Social Affairs’ (SOC)
• Commission ‘Women’s Rights and Gender Equality’ (FEMM)
• Trade Council ‘Central Administration and Finances’ (ACF)
• Trade Council ‘Local and Regional Administration’ (LRA)
• Trade Council ‘Security’ (SEC)
• Trade Council ‘Justice’ (JUS)
• Trade Council ‘Education, Training and Research’ (EDUC)
• Trade Council ‘Health Services’ (SAN)
• Trade Council ‘Post and Telecoms’ (P&T)
• Trade Council ‘Defence’ (DEF)

Internal sectoral Trade Councils and Commissions set up

The Commissions and Trade Councils, which usually meet one to two times per year, will elect their respective President and up to two Vice-Presidents during their constitutive meetings in the course of this year. Meeting dates will be published in CESI’s calendar.

The Presidium also addressed CESI’s take on important current political affairs.

Positioning on current political affairs, including the White Paper on the future of the EU

With regards to the recent White Paper on the future of the EU by the European Commission, the Presidium instructed the General Secretariat to draft a position statement on CESI’s expectations towards the further construction of a social dimension in the EU as a formal input in view of the Rome Summit on March 25 which is expected to see the adoption of a declaration on the future of the EU by the heads of state or government of the Member States.

The Presidium also held exchanges of views as regards the expected package on a European Pillar of Social Rights, the ongoing social and labour market integration of refugees, and the prospects for higher levels of public social investments in Europe to strengthen public administrations and the public services, all among CESI’s long-standing priorities.

The next meeting of the Presidium will take place on June 21 in Brussels.

Picture: CESI Presidium in session © CESI 2017