An eye on the World Economic Forum in Davos

The World Economic Forum is meeting once again in Davos on January 23-26 2018. Being aware of the importance of the Forum, it remains incomprehensible for CESI that trade union and civil society representatives remain excluded – especially in times when sustainability and the investment in the human factor becomes of fundamental importance for the cohesion of societies.

According to an Oxfam International report published in January 2018 there has been a huge increase in the wealth for billionaires, while great social disparities continue to exist. ‘82% of all wealth created in the last year went to the top 1%, while the bottom 50% saw no increase at all.’ This emphasises even more the importance of trade unions and civil society to be represented in the Davos Forum to highlight the need for social inclusion and the fight against poverty.

In this context, the fight against tax evasion should remain central for both governments and the private sector – but how to achieve this goal with only economic players being present remains a mystery.

In the context of digitisation, CESI has raised many social and ethical issues about the importance of educating citizens and preparing them for the digitisation of the work environment. The digital age will not only require totally new skills, but a growing need for orientation, values and identity.

This is increasingly recognised by key economic actors too. According to Jack Ma, founder of, schools must teach children how to be different from machines. The skill set provided through education should include: creativity, ‘values, believing, independent thinking, team work, care for others, arts and sports.’

CESI’s answer to that remains the pledge for more investment in the human factor.

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