Healthy Workplaces Manage Stress: over 60 organisations across Europe join EU-OSHA’s 2014–15 Campaign

The European Agency for Safety and Health at Work (EU-OSHA) announced the first wave of EU official campaign partners for its 2014–15 Campaign, Healthy Workplaces Manage Stress (#EUmanagestress). The campaign partners come from a variety of sectors... Read more

CESI stands behind open and democratic Commission nomination

18 Jun 2014, keywords :
These European elections were different. The candidate put forward by heads of state and government in the European Council should, for the first time, reflect the election results. With all the ongoing political fighting and bargaining among Europe’s... Read more

The small price for democracy and social rights

17 Jun 2014
It is not only citizens and trade unions who can voice their opinions against unfair austerity measures and budgets cuts. Constitutional Courts can act to. In Portugal, several times the Court has overruled government measures which would see workers... Read more

2014-2020 Strategic Framework on Health and Safety at Work

10 Jun 2014, keywords :
Last week (6 June) the European Commission published a 5 year Strategic Framework on Health and Safety at Work (2014-2020). The framework intends to play a leading role in the promotion of high standards for working conditions both within Europe and internationally.... Read more

Erosion of the European Social Model

3 Jun 2014
Today (3 June) the International Labour Organisation has published the World Social Protection Report 2014/15 which heavily criticises what they call the “erosion” of the European social model as a direct result of the crisis and the policy of fiscal... Read more