New Deal 4 Europe conference debate with Michel Aglietta

In a conference-debate in the CESI premises in Brussels (29 September 2014), the European citizens’ initiative for a European Special Plan for Sustainable Development and Employment New Deal 4 Europe presented the French economist Michel Aglietta -... Read more

EU social partners in central government discuss concrete ways to improve the quality of public services dealing with people in vulnerable situations

19 Nov 2014, keywords :
On 6-7 November 2014 in Bercy, Paris, EU social partners in central government held a conference with the participation of 90 delegates from 15 EU countries and Georgia to follow up on their Framework Agreement for the quality of public services in central... Read more

“Time to put focus on tax justice across Europe”

19 Nov 2014, keywords :
What the recent tax scandals in Luxembourg have shown is that governments are stripping back public services, while at the same time encouraging companies to engage in complex tax schemes.

European Security Forum 2014 discusses EU strategic priorities

18 Nov 2014, keywords :
The European Security Forum 2014 in Brussels, which was co-hosted by i.a. the European Security Round Table, the German Konrad-Adenauer Stiftung and the French Fondation de la Recherche Stratégique, dealt with the topic 'Defining Europe’s Strategic... Read more

Youth unemployment falling but problems far from over

14 Nov 2014, keywords :
EU-wide youth unemployment fell to 21.6% in September 2014. This is down from 23.5% in September 2013, according to new figures issued by the Eurobarometer.