CESI participates in the Commission’s advisory Platform for tax good governance

Today, the European Commission's advisory Platform for tax good governance held its 7th meeting. As a member of the platform, CESI participated in this meeting, which featured in particular debate with Heinz Zourek (chief of the Commission's... Read more

Good news: European Parliament calls to exclude public services from TTIP

Today, the European Parliament plenary adopted its long-awaited report on recommendations to the Commission on the TTIP negotiations. The final report explicitly calls to exclude public services from an agreement with the USA. CESI, which represents numerous... Read more

‘CESI Youth’-Representative Matthäus Fandrejewski honoured by the German Federal President

In June, Matthäus Fandrejewski - the lead representative of CESI's youth organisation, the CESI Youth - was honoured by the German Federal President Joachim Gauck for his outstanding voluntary work for the CESI Youth and other organisations and... Read more

July 2015: Time to make economic & monetary governance fair & socially just in Greece and beyond

Commentary by CESI Secretary General Klaus Heeger. In the context of the Greek crisis showdown and recent broader political developments in Europe, Klaus Heeger recalls that time has come to finally make monetary policy and economic governance fair and... Read more

Withdrawal of Maternity leave proposal: Disappointing for women & families, tragic for social Europe

Today, the European Commission withdrew its legislative proposal for a revised maternity leave directive. For CESI, which during the past months fought hard against a withdrawal, this is not only a disappointing sign for all young and prospective mothers.... Read more