AGS 2017: Cautious moves towards more investments

Today, the European Commission published its yearly Annual Growth Survey (AGS), jumpstarting the 2017 European Semester cycle of economic policy coordination. CESI Secretary General Klaus Heeger notes cautious calls by the European Commission to raise... Read more

Secretary General Klaus Heeger on the Turkey Report 2016

While according to different media sources over a hundred thousand public sector employees have, as a reaction to the July coup attempt, meanwhile been suspended, dismissed, arrested and detained, the European Commission published its latest Turkey Report... Read more

US election: Europe’s role in the world to increase

9 Nov 2016
As Donald Trump wins the US presidential elections, the importance of the EU and its Member States as strongholds for democracy, tolerance and human rights increases. They must now show and prove that they can overcome national egoisms and are able to... Read more

Today, 3 November 2016, is (again) European Equal Pay Day!

“This day is the day in the year when women across Europe stop being paid due to the gender pay gap. With the average hourly wage for women in Europe being 16.7 % lower than it is for men, they in effect work 16% of the year for free”, states the... Read more