CESI’s Spanish member CSI-F and the European Women’s Lobby take joint action to fight the gender pensions gap in Spain

On May 12, CESI's Spanish member CSI-F (Central Independent and Public Employees' Trade Union) and CESI's Board member of the European Women's Lobby (EWL), Carmen Jaffke, called on the Spanish government to end the gender pensions... Read more

Belgian CESI affiliate wins landmark court case on trade union pluralism

On last week Thursday, May 18, the Belgian Syndicat Independant pour Cheminots (SIC), an affiliate of CESI's member organisation UNSP (Union Nationale des Services Publics), won a landmark case at the Belgian Constitutional Court which will strengthen... Read more

New CESI Network of Legal Advisers meets for the first time

On May 4, the first meeting of a newly created internal network of legal experts took place at CESI in Brussels, bringing together expert jurists from member organisations of CESI in five European countries: Italy, Spain, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Germany... Read more

Europe Day: EU and Member States should exhibit more solidarity and invest more in people

9 May 2017, keywords : , ,
After a tumultuous year, that has proven to be challenging on many levels, CESI would like to take the opportunity to recall the many achievements that have been fulfilled throughout the European project on this day of Robert Schuman’s historic declaration.... Read more

Labour day: A fair Europe is needed… and a more positive thinking!

The current challenges for the EU are numerous - on today's Labour Day it is time to recall what is the essence of the EU that is meant to keep us all together. The gap between the EU and the citizens must at least be reduced, and the glue that may... Read more