Coronavirus – Challenges facing the police using Germany as an example

22 Apr 2020
COVID-19 (Coronavirus) has not only changed the lives of the entire population, the economy and politics, but also the work of the police. Alongside health care workers, thousands of police officers are also facing this phenomenon on a daily basis. Germany... Read more

[Deutsche Fassung] Kommentar von MdEP Petra Kammerevert für die CESI zum Europäischen Bildungsraum: Ohne die Lehrerinnen und Lehrer geht es nicht!

21 Apr 2020
Ein Kommentar von MdEP Petra Kammerevert, S&D-Gruppenkoordinatorin im Ausschuss für Kultur und Bildung im Europäischen Parlament, zum Europäischen Bildungsraum.

[English version] Commentary by MEP Petra Kammerevert for CESI on the European Education Area: We can’t do it without teachers!

20 Apr 2020
A commentary by MEP Petra Kammerevert, S&D Group Coordinator in the European Parliament Committee on Culture and Education (CULT), on the European Education Area.

Coronavirus – Taking stock, a message from Dr Miodrag Femic, Trade Union of Doctors of Medicine of Republika Srpska

20 Apr 2020
Corona, synonymous with the disease worldwide, now also stands for ‘emergency’; an emergency which has caused great panic among people and fear of something known and yet also unknown. The virus is present in a large number of countries, where it... Read more

CESI Insides – The impact of the Covid19 in Spain with Miguel Venegas Carrasco, Secretary-General of FASGA

17 Apr 2020
FASGA is an independent and plural trade union organization with representation in very diverse professional sectors such as large distribution, insurance, mutual insurance companies, third-party prevention services, travel agencies, private insurance... Read more