CESI urges European Parliament to push for a classification of COVID-19 as a highly dangerous group-4 virus under EU health and safety law

8 Jun 2020
Following a decision by the European Commission to classify COVID-19 as a medium-threat group 3-virus in the EU’s biological agents directive 2000/54/EC, CESI sent letters to all MEPs of the European Parliament Committee on Employment and Social Affairs... Read more

The Spanish Central Independent and Public Employees’ Trade Union (CSIF) before the Supreme Court vs Ministry of Health in Spain

8 Jun 2020
As at 31 May 2020, according to official figures in Spain, a total of 238,564 cases of SARS CoV-2 had been confirmed and the total of 27,121 had been confirmed through polymerise chain reaction (PCR) testing. With such figures, Spain is the country with... Read more

“Yes, we can. So yes, we will.” | Editorial of the Secretary-General Klaus Heeger

5 Jun 2020
Dear colleagues, members, partners and friends, The proposed EU response to Corona marks a major moment in EU history. Of course, nothing is carved in stone yet, but to see how much things have evolved in the past few weeks can be called historic. First,... Read more

CESI Insides – The impact of Covid19 on civil servants and public services with Javier Jordán de Urries Sagarna, CESI Vice-president and President of CSIF Justice

4 Jun 2020
CSIF is a Spanish independent union that mainly affiliates workers with the status of public employee, civil servants and labor, of the different Public Administrations of Spain. It is the first union force in the Administration General of the State (AGE)... Read more

First [email protected] ‘COVID-19 and social security: Ensuring adequate social security for all

4 Jun 2020
Yesterday, CESI hosted a [email protected] together with the Bertelsmann Stiftung focusing on the impacts of COVID-19 on the provision of social security.