Editorial of the Secretary-General: the new proposed Commission – A brief comment

11 Sep 2019
On Tuesday, the names and portfolios of the designated three Executive Vice-Presidents, five Vice-Presidents and 18 Commissioners have been unveiled by the President-elect of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen. The European Parliament must... Read more

Upcoming on September 19-20: Europe Academy symposium on precarious work in Palermo

On September 19-20, CESI's Europe Academy will hold a symposium on ''Precarious work: Empowering trade unions to address new challenges" in Palermo, Italy. The conference, which is co-funded by the European Commission as part of a... Read more

Upcoming on November 6: [email protected] on ‘Apprenticeships in the EU: How to ensure a better transition from education to work?’

On November 6, CESI Youth will hold the next edition of the CESI lunchtime event series "[email protected]" on "Apprenticeships in the EU: How to ensure a better transition from education to work?". The event is held in cooperation with the... Read more

Editorial of the Secretary General: Summer Deals and Summer Days

Now that the top EU posts seem to have been attributed, time to take stock of this week's ‘Summer deals’: Firstly, it becomes apparent that it will be increasingly difficult to steer the European Union. Having seen the Summit camping close to our... Read more


The technologies that change work and our lives. The digital that transforms our habits. Future of work, social protection and representation. This was the theme of the Summer Days held on June 26 and 27 in Brussels organised by CESI in collaboration... Read more