[email protected]: What role for interest representation in the digital world of work?

On January 29, CESI and the Saxony Liaison Office Brussels hosted the 20th edition of CESI's lunchtime debate series '[email protected]', this time on 'Digital world of work: What role for interest representation?'

Upcoming on March 5: Precarious work and lack of access to social rights

Tuesday March 5 will see a CESI conference on 'Precarious work and lack of access to social rights: The particular case of fixed-term contracts'. Registration to the event, which will be held in cooperation with the European Economic and Social... Read more

“Cum-Ex” – A tax scam that remains in the shadows

In October 2018, the “CumEx-Files” scandal broke out, making headlines in the German media. The least one can say about it is that it represents a true “heist” on European public treasuries. A commentary from Fernand Muller, former Vice-President... Read more

Davos: Does the global governance belong to the few?

25 Jan 2019, keywords : , ,
Since January 22 the annual Davos World Economic Forum is meeting once again to discuss the most stringent and pressing issues facing world governance from a forward-looking perspective such as including the 4th industrial revolution, climate change,... Read more