A European Defence Round Table (EDRT) – CESI makes one step forward towards more democratic legitimacy concerning the future of the European Defence Union

29 Jan 2020
On January 29th 2020, CESI and MEP Lukas Mandl hosted a European Defence Round table (EDRT) at the European Parliament.

Upcoming on January 29: CESI parliamentary breakfast – European Defence Roundtable

23 Jan 2020
On Wednesday January 29 CESI together with MEP Lukas Mandl will hold a parliamentary breakfast meeting entitled 'European Defence Roundtable: How to ensure better stakeholder consultation in the context of the future European Defence Union?'... Read more

Editorial of the Secretary General: Happy new year 2020 – what´s on our plate?

16 Jan 2020
Dear colleagues, members, partners and friends, The new year has started with quite some punch: On January 14 the European Commission, just six weeks into its new term, presented fresh ideas on how to make Europe more socially just and fair. In an explanatory... Read more

Social Europe: CESI welcomes speedy start of the new European Commission

14 Jan 2020
Today the new European Commission presented its first ideas on how to make Europe more socially just and fair. In an explanatory communication entitled 'A strong social Europe for just transitions', the European Commission sets out its social... Read more

Romanian USLIP Iasi trade union joins CESI

10 Jan 2020
At its meeting on December 12, the Board of CESI approved a membership application of the Romanian USLIP Iaşi trade union, which joins CESI as its 44th member organisation.