CESI Insides – A conversation about public services and employment with Klaus Heeger and Romain Wolff

8 Jul 2020
CESI Insides - A conversation about public services, employment, social affairs and taxation in European Union with CESI Secretary General Klaus Heeger and CESI President Romain Wolff. #CESIinsides #PublicServices #Employment #CESI #COVID19 #TradeUnions... Read more

EU Bridge to Jobs – Preventing a Lost Generation 2.0?

8 Jul 2020
On July 1, the European Commission presented an employment package to address the challenges facing young people in light of the COVID19 led economic crisis. It proposes to the Council to adopt a recommendation on a Reinforced Youth Guarantee and on Vocational... Read more

Summer | Editorial of the Secretary-General Klaus Heeger

7 Jul 2020
Dear colleagues, dear members, dear friends,  As we go back in our memories and remember what has happened, as we read your emails, the ones we have sent, the ones we have received, for instance in February: Didn’t our state of mind, our ways to... Read more

CESI Insides – El impacto del Covid19 con Dolors Montserrat, diputada en el Parlamento Europeo desde 2019, Grupo del Partido Popular Europeo

7 Jul 2020
Dolors Montserrat es una abogada y política española diputada en el Parlamento Europeo desde 2019, Portavoz de la delegación española del PP y Presidenta de la Comisión de Peticiones. Fue ministra de Sanidad, Servicios Sociales e Igualdad del... Read more

CESI trade union priorities for the next MFF

6 Jul 2020
Ahead of the negotiations on the next EU Multiannual Financial Framework (MFF) for the years 2021-2027, the Presidium of CESI determined core trade union policy priorities on where the next MFF's budgetary resources should stem from and how they should... Read more