CSI-F hosts second of CESI’s ‘solidarity of the south’ press conferences in Madrid

6 Jun 2013
CESI, together with independent trade unions representing both the public and the private sector in Spain and Portugal, held the last of their press conferences today (6 June) in Madrid in a demonstration of unity and solidarity against the current economic... Read more

CESI in Lisbon to support Iberian unity against austerity policies

5 Jun 2013
The European Confederation of Independent Trade Unions (CESI), representing around five million European workers, is today (June 5) holding the first of two press conferences together with its Spanish and Portuguese member organisations. In forming a... Read more

CESI welcomes new members

31 May 2013
During today’s Board meeting (30 May 2013), the Secretary General Klaus Heeger was pleased to welcome four new member organisations, U for Unity, ATCEUC, Alliance and FSPAESH, to the European Confederation of Independent Trade Unions.

More time, but also more reforms

29 May 2013
Today (29 May 2013) was an important date in the annual calendar of European economic governance. For many countries, the main mantra offered by the Commission was ‘more time, but more reform’.

Defence Trade Council stresses the importance of rights of military staff

27 May 2013
The Defence Trade Council, chaired by its vice president Wilhelm Waldner, met in a working group formation under in order to discuss social rights of military personnel at the EU level.