MEP’s, ILO and Council of Europe point the finger at Troika mistakes

9 Jan 2014, keywords : ,
The Employment and Social Affairs Committee of the European Parliament today (9th January) held a hearing on Employment and social aspects of the Troika (ECB, European Commission and IMF) operations with regard to euro area programme countries. The results... Read more

EU leaders focus on Defence and Banking issues at December Summit

14 Dec 2013, keywords :
The European Confederation of Independent Trade Unions (CESI) welcomes the fact that EU Common Security and Defence Policy (CSDP) features at the top of the agenda of the European Council’s December Summit (19-20 December 2013). Economic and social... Read more

New Commission framework will have limited impact on reducing social impact of restructuring for public sector workers, says CESI Secretary General

13 Dec 2013, keywords :
The European Commission this week published a Quality Framework for Anticipation of Change and Restructuring (QFR) which aims to address the negative social impact which follows such action. MEP’s, who called for a binding framework in the so-called... Read more

Modernisation and active ageing take centre stage in Post and Telecoms Trade Council

12 Dec 2013
The Post and Telecommunications Trade Council met in Luxembourg last week (13 December 2013). The President, Manfred Weiner GPF/FCG, welcomed members to the meeting, setting out an agenda which included discussions on active ageing and modernisation of... Read more

Diverse backgrounds, same goals: CESI welcomes new members

6 Dec 2013
CESI this week (Wednesday 4 December) welcomes three new members from across Europe. The Independent Confederation of Executives, Supervisors, and Managers of Public Administration from Italy, Bem Bir Sen from Turkey and the German Armed Forces Association.... Read more