MKKSZ, Trade Union of Hungarian Civil Servants and Public Employees is carrying 7 days online strike.

20 Oct 2020
The event will run for 7 days, from October 20th to 27th. The first 6 days are informative, tuning in, the main day of the strike is October 27.

CESI Insides with Monica Semedo, MEP from Luxembourg Committee on Employment and Social Affairs

20 Oct 2020
A Klaus Heeger's conversation with Monica Semedo, Member of the European Parliament from Luxembourg on employment, Social Europe, SURE, gender equality and Youth Guarantee. Ms Semedo is Member of Committee on Employment and Social Affairs... Read more

European Commission consultation: CESI statement on employment conditions in parcel delivery services in Europe

19 Oct 2020
CESI has issued a consultation response to targeted consultation by the European Commission for an application report on the functioning of the EU cross-border parcel delivery services regulation 2018/644. In the contribution, CESI flagged the social... Read more

The President and Secretary-General of CESI have expressed their horror and disgust at the terrorist attack against a teacher in France.

18 Oct 2020
“Of course, our thoughts first go to the victim and his relatives; and we express our deepest condolences to them”, stated CESI President Wolff. “ Beyond the incommensurable human tragedy, this inconceivably abominable crime strikes us at our very... Read more

CESI Commissions on Employment & Social Affairs and Women’s Rights & Gender Equality, within the framework of PULSER project, call for socially just post-Covid rebounce

15 Oct 2020
On October 14 CESI's members' Commissions on Employment and Social Affairs and on Women's Rights and Gender Equality convened under the PULSER project to discuss the European Pillar of Social Rights, the impacts of the Covid pandemic on workers and gender... Read more