European Youth Forum encourages more CESI involvement in its activities

2 Dec 2013
From 21 to 23 November, CESI’s Youth Representative Matthäus Fandrejewski attended the Council of Members of the European Youth Form (EYF) in Thessaloniki, Greece. This was an opportunity for Matthäus to find out about the work of the EYF, and issues... Read more

CESI in Italy to defend social dialogue at European and national level

27 Nov 2013
This week, CESI and UNSA CONF S AL (IT) organised a joint event to defend the role played by social dialogue within central administration both at EU and national level.

European Parliament wants ‘Old boys network out of business’

21 Nov 2013
The European Parliament yesterday (21 November 2013) voted to ensure at least 40 percent representations of women in the board of directors of companies having more than 250 employees. The issue is one in which CESI has played an active role through the... Read more

European Youth Forum sees vital role for trade unions in defending Europe’s youth

19 Nov 2013
The European Youth Forum last week launched its latest publication on Quality Jobs for Young People. The publication was presented at the Youth Summit for Quality Jobs held in Paris last week to promote and protect quality jobs for young Europeans, as... Read more

[email protected] on Security in Europe: The “Post-Stockholm” Process

This week CESI held its third and final [email protected] on the topic of Security in Europe: The “Post-Stockholm” Process. The event, chaired by Yves Pascouau from the European Policy Centre, was held under the auspices of CESI’s Europe Academy to follow... Read more