CESI Insides with MEP Kim van Sparrentak

6 Nov 2020
A Klaus Heeger conversation with MEP Kim van Sparrentak on the impacts of the coronavirus pandemic on women's working conditions, platform workers, and more.

European Equal Pay Day 2020: Close the gap

4 Nov 2020
November 4 is European Equal Pay Day, a day dedicated to remember the importance of ensuring equal pay for work of equal value in Europe and to close the gender pay gap.

Covid-19 – Again. Violence – Together we can draw the line. | Editorial of the Secretary-General Klaus Heeger

3 Nov 2020
Dear colleagues, members, partners and friends,  Covid-19 - Putting us to the test. Again.  In a recent article of the Belgian newspaper Le Soir, the French economist Robert Boyer is quoted as follows: « Comment... Read more

Third-party violence at Work: We can draw the line!

2 Nov 2020
On October 30 2020, CESI held its final event within the mainly EU funded project “Trade unions for zero tolerance against third-party violence at work”. An awareness-raising campaign is launching as from this Monday 2 November onwards, Europewide.

CESI Insides with European Parliament’s FEMM Committee Chairwoman Evelyn Regner

30 Oct 2020
In light of the European Parliament's Gender Equality Week, Klaus Heeger talks with Evelyn Regner, chairwoman of the European Parliament's FEMM Committee.