USI, Portuguese Union of Independent Trade Unions


Union of Independent Trade Union

The União dos Sindicatos Independentes is an independent Trade Union Confederation in Portugal. As a confederation, the USI represent various sectors throughout Portugal, among them: the National Union of Bank Management and Technical Staff, the Communications Union of Portugal, the National Union of Technical Staff, the Independent Union of Civil Servants, the Independent Union of Banking, the Union Association of Administrative Personnel in Health, the Union Association of Teachers Licensed, the Independent Union of Rail and Related, the National Union of Transport Communications and Works, the Independent Trade Union of Railway Workers Association and the Independent Union of Trade and Services.

The current General Assembly President is António Borges Amaral. The Coordination Council and the Executive Committee are led by Paulo Marcos. The Secretary General is Eduardo Teixeira.

To find out more about USI, please consult their website.

To contact USI:

  • Avenida Miguel Bombarda, nº 56, 2º Esq. –
    Lisboa, Portugal
  • Email: [email protected]