SUMMER DAYS on the future of work

On June 26-27 CESI will host in Brussels its first Summer Days on the topic ‘Future of work, social protection and interest representation’. The event, which comprises a series of plenary meetings and topical parallel breakout sessions, is held in cooperation with the Bertelsmann Stiftung.

Individual breakout sessions will be moderated and facilitated by DG EMPL of the European Commission, Eurofound, the International Labour Organisation (ILO), the European Policy Centre (EPC) and the Centre for European Policy Studies (CEPS). Registration to the event is welcome but only possible on request.

Wednesday, 26 June 2019 – Thursday, 27 June

Venue: Bouche à Oreille
Rue Félix Hap 11, Brussels/Etterbeek
Registration: On request by email to [email protected]


Moderated by Gianluca Sgueo, European Parliamentary Research Service


14.00 Registration and welcome coffee

14.30 Opening of the Summer Days
Romain Wolff, CESI President

14.45 Keynote – Future of Work: Heaven or Hell?
Martin Risak, Professor of European and Comparative Labour Law, University of Vienna, Department of Labour Law and Law of Social Security

15.00 Legal aspects and examples of new forms of work
Birgit Wintermann, Project Manager at Bertelsmann Stiftung

Coffee break

16.30 First round of parallel breakout sessions: Future of work
– Employed vs self-employed: What defines the employee of the future? – facilitated by the Bertelsmann Foundation
– Flexibility both ways: What rights and obligations of workers and employers in Work 4.0? – facilitated by the CESI Secretariat
– Addressing labour market disruptions: New regulation concepts by governments, social partners and trade unions? – facilitated by Eurofound

17.30 Plenary wrap-up: Breakout sessions reports

18.30 Reception and barbecue


9.00 Registration and welcome coffee

9.30 Keynote – New forms of employment and impacts
Esko Kilpi, Finnish Researcher, Founder of the Esko Kilpi Company

9.45 The platformisation of work in Europe: implications for social protection and collective voice

Ursula Huws, Professor of Labour and Globalisation at University of Hertfordshire Business School

10.00 Second round of parallel breakout sessions: Future of social protection
– Offering social protection: A responsibility and interest also for digital platforms? – facilitated by Moovenda food delivery platform
– Keeping in mind platform workers: Addressing specific challenges in their access to social protection? – facilitated by DG EMPL of the European Commission
– Finding new ways to deliver social protection: A step forward or backward? – facilitated by the European Policy Centre (EPC)

Coffee break

11.30 Third round of parallel breakout sessions: Future of interest representation, collective labour law and bargaining
– Changing landscapes: What future for industrial relations and social dialogue in Work 4.0? – facilitated by the Centre for European Policy Studies (CEPS)
– Rejuvenating trade unions: How to reach out to young workers and exploring future ways of interest representation – facilitated by the CESI Youth
– Staying attractive: How to adjust traditional trade unionism to the expectations of atypical workers? – facilitated by the International Labour Organisation (ILO)

12.30 Plenary wrap-up – breakout sessions reports and conclusions
Klaus Heeger, CESI Secretary General

13.30 Walking lunch

PDF detailed programme