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European Commission CBCR proposal: Long awaited but insufficient to end tax avoidance practices

Today, European Commissioner Jonathan Hill (picture) presented the Commission's long awaited proposal on corporate tax transparency, suggesting public reporting obligations for certain companies in the EU.

Trade Council ‘Education’ annual meeting: What role for teachers in the prevention of radicalisation?

Today, CESI’s Trade council ‘Education, Training and Research’ convened for its annual meeting in Brussels. The Trade council, CESI’s main members’ forum to discuss EU level education policies, deliberated on a key challenge that teachers and... Read more

CESI partner of 2016-17 EU-OSHA ‘Healthy workplaces’ campaign

In 2016-17, CESI will again be a partner of EU-OSHA's 'Healthy workplaces' awareness raising campaign. Having been involved in the 2012-13 and 2014-15 'Healthy workplaces' campaigns on 'Working together for risk prevention'... Read more

Disclosure of income tax information by multinational corporations: Joint letter sent to Commission President Juncker

Today, a group of 46 trade unions and civil society organisations, including CESI, sent a joint letter to Commission President Juncker, asking for action on an effective disclosure of income tax information by multinational corporations.

Panama Papers: New evidence on the shocking scale of dodgy tax practices

Following the publication of the Panama Papers, CESI President Romain Wolff has called for swift and determined action by the EU and its Member States to finally take a strong stance on dubious tax practices in tax havens.