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Upcoming on March 5: Precarious work and lack of access to social rights

30 Jan 2019
Tuesday March 5 will see a CESI conference on 'Precarious work and lack of access to social rights: The particular case of fixed-term contracts'. Registration to the event, which will be held in cooperation with the European Economic and Social... Read more

“Cum-Ex” – A tax scam that remains in the shadows

30 Jan 2019
In October 2018, the “CumEx-Files” scandal broke out, making headlines in the German media. The least one can say about it is that it represents a true “heist” on European public treasuries. A commentary from Fernand Muller, former Vice-President... Read more

Davos: Does the global governance belong to the few?

25 Jan 2019
Since January 22 the annual Davos World Economic Forum is meeting once again to discuss the most stringent and pressing issues facing world governance from a forward-looking perspective such as including the 4th industrial revolution, climate change,... Read more

Corporate tax reforms in Switzerland: The struggle of ZV Öffentliches Personals Schweiz against looming tax revenue losses

18 Jan 2019
Switzerland is facing tremendous international political pressure regarding the taxation of international proceeds. Under the current corporate taxation system, businesses whose headquarters are located in Switzerland but whose revenue largely originates... Read more

Romanian Presidency of the Council: Which priorities for a Social Europe?

18 Jan 2019
Romania officially took over the EU Council Presidency on January 1 2019. The rotating presidency of the Council at intervals of six months has been an institutional practice since 1958. The responsible member state has to steer the European leadership... Read more