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CESI insides con Esther Reyes, Sindicato de Enfermería SATSE y Pesidente del Consejo de Salud CESI

13 May 2020
Desde su constitución en 1979, el SINDICATO DE ENFERMERÍA, SATSE, lucha por los derechos de los profesionales de Enfermería y Fisioterapia, y trabaja día a día por el desarrollo de la profesión. A lo largo de estos más de 30 años de lucha, SATSE... Read more

Youth Employment and COVID19

12 May 2020
Young people - alongside women, migrants, the LGBTQI community and disabled people - are among those most impacted by the Coronavirus led economic crisis. Recent economic shocks, such as the 2008 global financial crisis, have shown that young people... Read more

CESI Insides – The impact of Coronavirus with Paul Schoukens, Professor of Social Security Law at the KU Leuven

11 May 2020
Paul Schoukens is Professor of Social Security Law (Comparative, International, and European) at the KU Leuven. He is heading the department of social law in the Faculty of Law. He is member of the Sectoral Committee on Social Security of the Belgian... Read more

CESI insides with Gorica Djokic, Medical Doctor and representative of Serbian Trade Union of Doctors and Pharmacists

8 May 2020
Gorica Djokic is representing the Serbian Trade Union of Doctors and Pharmacists - Sindikat lekara i farmaceuta Srbije - Синдикат лекара и фармацеута Србије (SLFS) Gorica Djokic is a Medical Doctor PhD with a demonstrated... Read more

Spring 2020 Economic Forecast: CESI Secretary General calls for substantial socio-economic recovery plan

7 May 2020
Responding to the European Commission's Spring 2020 Economic Forecast, which projects that the euro area economy will contract by a record of almost 8% in 2020 and unemployment rise to more than 9%, CESI Secretary General Klaus Heeger called for... Read more