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Manfred Wiedner and Horst Sayffaerth, President and Vice-President of CESI Council ‘Post and Telecoms’ on the Covid19 crisis

6 Apr 2020
Protecting people's health and lives is the top priority! All laws, regulations, directives or instructions must be guided by this. The economic consideration of the postal service and telecom suppliers is also subordinate to this guideline. In CESI... Read more

Thomas Sohst, President of CESI Council ‘Defence’ and Regional Chairman for the West in the German Bundeswehr Alliance, on solidarity during Conavirus pandemic

3 Apr 2020
Corona – it’s the invisible enemy, an enemy which can’t be fought with the conventional methods of foreign and security policy. Corona – it’s an invisible virus, for which at present no vaccine is available or medicines to treat those who become... Read more

Editorial of the Secretary-General Klaus Heeger: Putting us to the test – Whatever it takes – For the better

2 Apr 2020
Dear colleagues, members, partners and friends, In a split of a second our lives changed; they toggled, from maximum speed, hasty travels and countless meetings, to frozen inertia, cold distance and silent incredulity. In a split of a second, everything... Read more

EU Action Against Covid-19

2 Apr 2020
EU Action Against Covid-19 Grim health and economic outlooks have motivated some EU institutions to take unprecedented actions. Initially accused of being slow to react, the European Union has sprung into action over the last few weeks and launched a... Read more

Covid-19 and the Labour Market

1 Apr 2020
Covid-19 and the Labour Market Coronavirus is not only a crisis of the present. Unfortunately, it is also a crisis for our near future, and maybe not-so-near future, and its damages are already being felt. Public health systems and other public services... Read more