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Who saves our heroes? The living situation in Spain following the COVID19 outbreak

10 Apr 2020
The perspective from a Nursing Care Technician  "A few months ago the world saw what was happening in China as something distant that we would never live in our country, much less in our day to day, in our hospitals, in our families, much less what... Read more

The human faces of the COVID-19 outbreak: Who saves our heroes?

10 Apr 2020
The human faces of the COVID-19 outbreak Who saves our heroes? Part 1 What follows are some remarkable testimonies collected from our members working in the frontlines of the health sector in Italy. No words can be added to better describe the challenges... Read more

Thinking differently and acting collectively during Corona Pandemic, a message from Andres Hemsing, National Chairman of the German komba trade union

9 Apr 2020
The last few weeks have seen much of how we do things turned on its head. The coronavirus pandemic is having a massive effect on our lives. We’re having to think on our feet a lot, because that’s what sudden, unprecedented situations do – they challenge... Read more

CESI statement on a new a codification directive on administration cooperation in the field of taxation

8 Apr 2020
As part of its work programme, the European Commission issued a proposal for a codification directive on administrative cooperation in the field of taxation on February 12 2020. In a statement in the context of a public feedback consultation on the draft... Read more

COVID-19: Report from Patrick Fey, CESI Vice-President and President of the CNV Government and Public Services

8 Apr 2020
Current situation in the Netherlands The first case of COVID-19 came to our country at the end of February. Today, on April the 6th, as I write this article, there are more than 17.000 confirmed cases. Most of the people who were tested positively live... Read more