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High-quality health services are a priority issue for European citizens.
Even if health policy is within the competence of the individual Member States, the fact remains that they are all being forced to face similar challenges, such as increased life expectancy and an ageing population, the reform of the health care systems, the fight against transmissible diseases, the emergence of health crises, demands on the part of patients for a greater level of quality, safety and cost-effectiveness when it comes to the care provided.

In December, 2008, the Commission published a green paper on health care staff in Europe, which also dealt with the challenges inherent in professional mobility within the health care sector.

Basing its reflections on this green paper, and as part of a committed partnership for the duration of the symposium with The European Hospital and Healthcare Federation (HOPE), CESI intends to participate in exchanges on intra-community mobility for health workers.


On behalf of the CESI-Europe Academy board, I am delighted to welcome you all to Riga on 17 and 18 June for a new symposium on the issue of the mobility of health workers in the European Union.
With the support of our Latvian affiliates, LĀADA and LVP-UFDA, the expertise of our speakers and all of your contributions, we are looking forward to an in-depth, animated and productive debate, which will help us find some new ways to strike a better balance between respect for the workforce in the healthcare sector and consideration for patient needs.
I wish you all a most enjoyable symposium!

Dr. Wilhelm GLOSS, President of CESI-Europe Academy