WeEP – The EP and workers: a well-designed post-COVID19 recovery plan

WeEP – The EP and workers: a well-designed post-COVID19 recovery plan

#WeEP – Summary of the action

Most of the citizen and workers want more EU, deplore a lack of solidarity, but don’t know enough. The Covid-19 pandemic highlights the needs of having something like the EU, and also the need for even more solidarity.

That is why we want to show to our members (who are not only citizens but above all (for us) workers) what the EU has done, is doing and maybe doing.

The WeEP project aims at highlighting the benefits the EU has for workers and bring EU actors, especially EP, closer to our members.

The Specific Objectives of the project are to inform and engage with three target groups:

1) General public – with the ‘CESI Talks’, a series of interviews/conversations to be shared on social media with MEPs and EP officials/experts in form of video. The topics of the interview/discussion will be based on the EP’s political and legislative priorities on employment, environment and digital transformation.

2) Youth engagement – CESI Youth events, organised by the youth for the youth. Two public interactive videoconferences with top EP Representatives on EP political priorities, to discuss the socio-economic challenges for young people brought by Covid-19 and the changing world of work.

3) Workers’ Representatives. The Workers’ Representatives Event, an interactive videoconference with the EP top representatives on Political and legislative priorities on social affairs and employment as well as green and digital transformations.

Duration of the activities

The project started in January 2021 and should continue until December 2021 for a duration of approx. 12 months.

Project Manager: Tomasz Koguc

Project Coordinator: Marcella Migliori

The project is co-financed with funds of the European Union