Central Administration and Finances Trade Council

Central Administration and Finances Trade Council

The Central Administration and Finances Trade Council (ACF) gathers representatives of this sector to share their expertise, compare national reforms, share best practices and elaborate opinions on European initiatives in this field.

Central administrations are a key element of the European social model and a major factor for competitiveness in Europe. As a result of austerity measures central administrations are currently facing deep-seated reform programmes. Despite the role played by central administrations and finance departments as a stabiliser of the crisis, these sectors have not been thanked. Working conditions and overall employment of central administrations has been under threat throughout Europe for some time now.

In CESI’s eye, the EU needs strong central government administrations in Member States. These administrations need to be model employers for other public sectors and more broadly for employers. Workers’ rights are often lower in the public sector, but CESI insists on the necessity of promoting a dynamic, transparent social dialogue at national level whenever a reform occurs. CESI fosters these objectives within the social dialogue Committee for central government administrations.

In 2017, the Trade Council will focus on highlighting the dangers of austerity politics for the functioning of public services, reducing in-work poverty, the digitalisation (esp. its contribution to quality public services). But also aims at progressing on social dialogue (esp. concerning a follow-up to the agreement on the rights to information and consultation of workers of central administrations signed on 21 December 2015); raising awareness about the role of tax administrations in fighting tax fraud and tax evasion; implementing worker-friendly telework schemes; working towards fair advancement and promotion schemes in the civil service; achieving an effective protection of public services in free trade and investment agreements; highlighting the role of public services in the intetration of migrants of refugees but also combating violence against public service employees.

The work of the Trade Council informs CESI’s position in the European Social Dialogue Committee in Central Government Administrations.

Portfolio of the ACF Trade Council

CESI and the European Sectoral Social Dialogue Committee ‘Central Government Administration’

Since  17 December 2010, the European social partners, TUNED and EUPAE, launched the Social Dialogue Committee for Central Government administrations,  with the support of the European Commission.

TUNED is the trade union delegation composed of CESI and EPSU, the European Federation of Public Service Unions.
EUPAE is the EU Public Administration Employers platform which was set up under the Belgian EU presidency. It is separate from EUPAN, the EU Public Administration Network. 11 national administrations (Belgium, Czech Republic, France, Greece, Italy, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Romania, Slovakia, Spain, UK) have joined the employers’ platform. Malata and Hungary are observers.

Documents adopted by the European Sectoral Social Dialogue

Social partner agreement of December 2015 on information and consultation rights for central government administration employees

Recommendations towards closing the gender pay gap adopted in 2014 in EN and FR

Statement on Towards well-being at work in central government administrations as part of a new EU occupational safety and health strategy framework EN FR and DE 2013

Strategy for strengthening Human Resources by better anticipating and managing change EN FR and DE 2013

European Framework-Agreement EUPAE-TUNED for a quality service in Central Government Administrations EN DE and FR 2012





Leadership of the Council

President, AT/Eurofedop
Francisco Javier
Vice-President, ES/CSIF
Vice-President, IT/CONFSAL
Policy Adviser, CESI General Secretariat