Where does CESI stand?

Where does CESI stand?

While policies can evolve and change, there are certain values which constantly remain at the core of CESI’s work.  In 2013, CESI defined these values for member organisations and interested parties to know exactly where CESI stands as a European trade union. Read about where CESI stands.

Policy positions

The policy areas dealt with in CESI are separated according to their cross-industry or sectoral nature. Cross-industry policies are dealt with in Commissions, while sectoral policies are discussed within Trade Councils.

Those with a sectoral focus can be distributed to the Trade Councils within CESI, with areas including Central government administration, Local and regional government, Education, Defence, Security, Justice and Health. On the policy work conducted within Trade Councils please consult the relevant webpages.

CESI also engages in wider, more cross-sectoral debates at EU level. These issues are generally discussed within CESI’s Commissions and as such focus on issue such as Equal rights and Employment and Social Affairs.  For more information on the policy work conducted within Commissions please consult the relevant webpages.

To find more information on what CESI thinks, please consult our policy positions according to the sectors we represent.

Policy focus in 2016

In order to complement the activities of its Trade councils and Commissions, CESI will in 2016 focuses its work on the following priority areas:

  • Preventing and countering radicalisation and terrorism;
  • Receiving and integrating third-country migrants;
  • Fostering social investments and the role of the public services providing these;
  • Improving occupational health and safety in public administrations; and
  • Addressing the impacts of digitalisation on employment and trade unionism.


CESI is involved in a number of pan-European campaigns which promote the right values, including enhanced democracy throughout the EU and the promotion of better conditions for workers through high standards of health and safety.


Europe+ is committed to relaunching and strengthening the European debate and civil dialogue between civil society and open and responsive institutions, at all levels of democratic life (European, national, regional, local and grassroots). Read more about CESI’s involvement in Europe+ here.

The 2014–15 campaign: Healthy Workplaces Manage Stress

The campaign aims to promote managing stress and psychosocial risks in the workplace, creating healthy work environments and positive working cultures and, ultimately, improving business performance. Read more about CESI’s involvement as a campaign partner here.