Trade Council Post and Telecom discusses Telecoms Package

18 Dec 2014

In its meeting in Luxemburg on 12 December 2014, the CESI Trade Council Post and Telecoms met for the first time after the election of the new European Parliament and the of the new Juncker Commission to discuss topics such as the single market for telecommunications.

Trade Council Post and Telecom discusses Telecoms Package

In this meeting’s agenda the Telecoms single market too centre stage, a legislative proposal from the European Commission which is currently stuck in the Council. Wolf-Dietrich Grussmann from DG Connect, the European Commission explained the proposal and discussed its different elements with participants. CESI Director Bert van Caelenberg underlined that since the Juncker Commission has already heavily underlined the social dimension, it is important not to forget to involve trade unions.

Nathalie Ganzel (PostEurop) presented her view on social responsibility of undertakings, whereas Jacqui Stoll (CFTC) talked about psycho-social risks at work. In the subsequent discussion, the Trade Council presidents Wiedner, Molina and Sayffaerth underlined that if working conditions were better, such as decent pay, job security and working hours, the problem of health risks would already be much less important.

CESI Secretary General Klaus Heeger underlined the importance of CESI’s work in the sector: even though CESI still aims to enter the European Social Dialogue, it has done important work and used less formal ways, like the participation in the ERGP workshop on universal services in the Postal sector and the participation in the study on structural changes in the Telecom sector.