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March 2015 EU Youth Conference: CESI Youth calls on political leaders to actively seek a deeper dialogue with young workers

2 Apr 2015, keywords :
In the context of the March 2015 edition of the EU Youth Conference, CESI Youth representative and conference delegate Matthäus Fandrejewski urged political leaders to be more proactive in seeking input for policies from the organised civil society representing... Read more

Joint FEMM-SOC meeting assesses the work of the new Commission

10 Mar 2015, keywords : , , ,
The joint meeting of the CESI Women’s Rights and Gender Equality (FEMM) and Employment and Social Affairs (SOC) Committees took place today in Brussels at CESI’s premises. The participants assessed the work new European Commission and the European... Read more

Commissioner Navracsics reaches out to youth organisations

12 Dec 2014, keywords :
In November, the new European Commissioner for Youth, Education, Sport and Culture, Tibor Navracsics, addressed Europe’s youth organisations, including CESI Youth, at the European Youth Forum’s General Assembly.

Youth unemployment falling but problems far from over

14 Nov 2014, keywords : ,
EU-wide youth unemployment fell to 21.6% in September 2014. This is down from 23.5% in September 2013, according to new figures issued by the Eurobarometer.

Young trade unionists will stand up for all young people

3 Nov 2014, keywords : ,
Last week, CESI Youth met in Brussels to discuss how young trade unionists can better contribute the work of CESI and better advocate young worker’s rights to the European institutions.