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[email protected]: Social partner mentoring schemes as a tool for labour market integration of refugees

On Tuesday, CESI in collaboration with UNITEE, the New European Business Confederation, held another edition of its lunchtime panel debate series ‘[email protected]’. This time, the event took place on the topic of ‘Labour market integration of refugees:... Read more

Europe+ Statement on Hungarian Commissioner Nomination

This week, ahead of the Commissioner hearings next week, CESI has signed a letter as a member of Europe+ raising concerns on the appointment of the Hungarian Commissioner, Tibor Navracsics

A call for the renewal of European democracy

Today (8 July) marks the official launch of Europe+ (Civil Society for the Renewal of European Democracy), a broad grass-roots alliance which brings together over 40 organisations from civil society calling for renewed and better functioning democracy... Read more

Europe+ reaches out to MEPs

Europe+, committed to relaunching and strengthening the European debate and civil dialogue between civil society and open and responsive EU institutions, yesterday (1 July) sent an open letter to MEPs as the European Parliament gets back to work. The... Read more

TTIP debate on Fears of the Unknown: Fears alleviated or fears heightened?

What is at stake through TTIP? What are the benefits and how can we measure them? Will we see a race to the bottom? Do we need a more open and transparent process? These were the questions at the heart of today’s debate (28 April) taking place at CESI’s... Read more