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[email protected]: Social partner mentoring schemes as a tool for labour market integration of refugees

On Tuesday, CESI in collaboration with UNITEE, the New European Business Confederation, held another edition of its lunchtime panel debate series ‘[email protected]’. This time, the event took place on the topic of ‘Labour market integration of refugees:... Read more

Trade Council ‘Central Administration & Finances’ discusses digitalisation, mobility, austerity in public services

During its annual meeting in Brussels today, CESI's Trade Council 'Central Administration and Finances' - the members' sectoral forum to discuss European political subjects with implications for central administration workers - discussed... Read more

World Day for Health and Safety at Work: Public sector workers in the focus

Today is World Day for Safety and Health at Work. Initiated by the ILO in 2003 as an annual day to commemorate victims of occupational diseases and accidents, it has remained - unfortunately - topical ever since. CESI takes the occasion of this year's... Read more

Trade Council ‘Local & Regional Administration’ discusses migration and violence at work

Today, CESI's Trade Council ‘Local and Regional Administration’ - CESI's internal forum of debate and deliberation for local and regional administration affairs - met in Brussels. At the centre of the debate was the adoption of a position... Read more