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CESI Trade Council on ‘Health’ shapes its European health agenda: privatisation and digitalisation are key priorities

Since the peak of the global financial crisis in 2008, all European Union Member States had to address the issues of shrinking budgets for healthcare and increasing needs of the care sector. The CESI trade council ‘Health’ brought together representatives... Read more

Trade Council ‘Health services’ sees signing of two transnational cooperation agreements on fair labour mobility

Today, CESI's Trade council 'Health services' - the members’ forum to discuss EU level health service policies - convened for its annual meeting in Brussels. Next to discussions on a variety of topics related to the needs of employees... Read more

CESI Trade Council ‘Health’: A further fair mobility agreement for healthcare workers

Today, CESI's Trade Council 'Health' - CESI's internal forum of debate and deliberation for EU health policy - convened for its annual meeting in Brussels. Next to policy discussions on a variety of health-related topics, a new agreement... Read more

Ebola risks require action: demands from CESI’s Health Services Trade Council

With the Ebola crisis still at large and the risk of infection increasing in Europe, CESI’s Health Services Trade Council has called for specific action to be taken to protect workers at risk throughout Europe.

European measures on Ebola crucial to protect citizens and healthcare workers says CESI Trade Councils

In their first joint meeting (16-17 October 2014), CESI Trade Councils for Local and Regional Administrations and Health Services discussed several topics including the representativeness study for the European Social Dialogue Committee for Local and... Read more