Joint FEMM-SOC meeting discuss Gender Equality, LGBT Rights and Social Dialogue

6 Nov 2013
The joint meeting of the CESI Women’s Rights and Gender Equaltiy (FEMM) and Employment and Social Affairs (SOC) Committees took place today (Wednesday 30 October) in Brussels at CESI’s offices. The broad agenda covered issues from gender equality... Read more

European Commission report highlights need for investment in education

30 Oct 2013
The Education and Training Monitor for 2013, released today (30 October 2013), reveals some worrying trends for education and for the labour market. According to the report, sixteen EU Member States have decreased their spending on education between 2008... Read more

Why we need an effective public sector and how workers help in building it

25 Oct 2013
This week (Thursday 24 October) CESI Secretary General Klaus Heeger addressed the Public Sector Effectiveness Conference in Vilnius, Lithuania. The conference, which was held under the patronage of the Lithuanian Presidency of the Council of the European... Read more

CESI symposium Day 2: Recruitment and Retention of staff in the Public Sector in Europe

16 Oct 2013
The second day of the CESI symposium on the recruitment and retention of public sector workers started with a presentation from the Director-General in the Italian Ministry for Labour and Social Affairs Concetta Ferrari calling for employees to be seen... Read more

CESI Symposium on the Public Sector in Europe: a first-rate employer acting in the general interest? Day 1

11 Oct 2013
The European Confederation of Independent Trade Unions and delegations from member organisations throughout Europe gathered in Hamburg today (10 October) for the first day of the CESI symposium on the Public Sector in Europe: a first-rate employer acting... Read more