EU forecasts more jobs, but what type of jobs?

5 May 2014, keywords :
The EU predicts that growth will continue in 2014, however for the most part this growth will be sluggish. Inflation will remain low and unemployment will decline with the creation of more jobs are the findings of the Spring Economic Forecast for 2014.... Read more

More focus needed on rights for military staff in EU defence debate

30 Apr 2014
The focus of this week’s Defence Trade Council (29 April 2014) was on discussing social rights for military staff in the context of both national and European Security and Defense Policy.

TTIP debate on Fears of the Unknown: Fears alleviated or fears heightened?

What is at stake through TTIP? What are the benefits and how can we measure them? Will we see a race to the bottom? Do we need a more open and transparent process? These were the questions at the heart of today’s debate (28 April) taking place at CESI’s... Read more

Commission calls for renewed efforts to preserve and improve working conditions

24 Apr 2014
A new survey published today (24 April 2014) which looks at the quality of work reveals that a majority of people (57%) see conditions as having deteriorated in the last 5 years, since the outbreak of the crisis in Europe.

European Parliament approves new rules on posting of workers following tough negotiations and debate

16 Apr 2014, keywords :
This week, the European Parliament approved a new Directive on the posting of workers, which distinguishes genuine posted workers from those looking to abuse the law. The approval of the Directive from the EP, which has already seen a formal agreement... Read more