What future for Social Europe post-elections? Right rhetoric, right initiatives, wrong tools.

26 May 2014, keywords :
The European Policy Centre hosted a post-elections briefing today (26 May), the day after 43.11% of voters turned out to make their choice on candidates for the European Parliament. Who won the election? What can we expect from the European Parliament... Read more

The greatest number of votes in EU will go to no one at all. Change this. Act. React. Impact

22 May 2014, keywords :
Voters in the UK and in the Netherlands are heading to cast their European votes today (22 May). Over the course of this weekend, from 22-25 May 2014, citizens from each of the EU’s 28 Member States will have the opportunity to determine the direction... Read more

Public administration staff paves the way for the future of high quality public services

21 May 2014, keywords : ,
This week (19 May) Wilhelm Gloss, president of the Central administration and finances trade council, welcomed trade council members to Luxembourg to discuss tax reforms, the fight against corruption and making administrations a more attractive employer... Read more

Coal mine tragedy in Turkey

15 May 2014
Following the news of the tragedy unfolding of the death of many hundreds of lives in the coal mine disaster in Soma, Turkey, CESI sends its condolences to the victims, their families and the communities deeply affected by the accident.

All workers count. Public services work. Closing the gap

14 May 2014, keywords : ,
With 2014 marking an important year of change for Europe and its citizens, CESI has been working on reinforcing and renewing its ethos to promote better living and working conditions at European level through its work as a European social partner. CESI... Read more