CESI hosts visit to the EU for its member DBwV (German Armed Forces Association)

Last week, CESI together with the Karl-Theodor-Molinari Foundation hosted a two-day visit to the EU for the federal and regional executive boards of one of its members, the DBwV (German Armed Forces Association)*. With discussion rounds with experts at... Read more

IG Public services conference: CESI hopes for continued Commission support to protect public services in TiSA

During yesterday's inaugural conference of the European Parliament's Intergroup 'Common goods and public services', the European Commission tried to reassure that the protection of public services in Europe will be dealt with with... Read more

[email protected]: Radicalisation must be prevented through improved social inclusion at all levels, experts say

Today, CESI hosted another edition of its lunchtime event series '[email protected]'. This time experts discussed with the audience about how public services in Europe may be enabled to better prevent and counter radicalisation among the citizenry -... Read more

Eurofound report: Employee participation and social dialogue benefits workers and companies, if properly applied

Eurofound recently published a report on the 3rd European Company Survey. It shows that employee participation and social dialogue is not yet omnipresent even though it makes a positive difference for both employees and employers wherever it is properly... Read more

May 1 is International Workers’ Day!

1 May 2015, keywords :
On the occasion of the International Workers' Day on May 1, CESI recalls the widespread challenges that still need to be overcome if workers are to be adequately protected in the EU.