Comment on migration management by former CESI Vice-President: A Europe that is able to defend itself?

12 Nov 2015, keywords :
This is a personal comment on migration management in Europe by Rainer Dumont du Voitel, former Vice-President of CESI.

European Equal Pay Day 2015

“Cheerful declarations do not reflect reality: there are no true equal opportunities for men and women. Just like in the past, women hit the “glass ceiling” in many places”, explains Kirsten Lühmann, the Chair of CESI’s Committee on Women's... Read more

Labour mobility, parental leave & social dialogue: CESI speaks to MEP Thomas Händel

Between the European elections and summer this year, MEP Thomas Händel (GUE/NGL) was absent from Brussels politics due to illness. Recently, CESI met with Mr Händel, Chair of the European Parliament Committee on Employment and Social Affairs, in order... Read more

Commission work programme 2016: Useful initiatives – but how will they be implemented?

Today, the European Commission unveiled its long-awaited work programme for 2016. In its communication and the accompanying annexes, the Commission announced a number of initiatives that CESI judges positively throughout. Unfortunately, in many instances... Read more

European migration mini-summit: Good first results, but more support for civil servants is necessary

26 Oct 2015, keywords :
Yesterday, the heads of government representing Germany, Austria and nine countries along the 'Balkan migration route' convened in Brussels for a European mini-summit in order to coordinate the management of migration flows towards Western Europe... Read more