CESI and EU sectoral social dialogue committee on central government administrations open tender procedure on study on health & safety in central government administrations

The European Social Dialogue Committee in Central Government Administrations (SDC CGA), comprising CESI and the Federation of Public Service Unions (EPSU) for the employees and the European Public Administration Employers (EUPAE) for the employers, has... Read more

Work-life balance: Time for action!

While a public consultation is still running, the European Commission's first phase social partner consultation on its initiative on work-life balance came to a close yesterday. It its contribution, CESI reiterates the need for concrete proposals... Read more

CESI Europe Academy 2016 on health and safety in the public sector – Open call to tender for a supporting study

The topic of the project of the CESI Europe Academy (CESI's internal training and capacity building center) for 2016 has been formally set to "Health and Safety at Work in the Public Sector in Europe: New Challenges". To inform the project,... Read more

TUNED signs landmark social partner agreement on rights for central administration employees

After months of negotiations in the EU's sectoral social dialogue Committee on central government administrations, its trade union delegation 'TUNED' (bringing together CESI and EPSU, the European Federation of Public Service Unions) yesterday... Read more

Labour mobility, work-life balance & gender equality: CESI speaks to MEP Jutta Steinruck

Since becoming an MEP 6 years ago, Jutta Steinruck has placed fair employment at the centre of her work. CESI met with her to speak about her views on EU social and employment policy. This interview continues the ‘CESI speaks to …’-series on insights... Read more